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15A Switched Socket 15A Switched Socket Innova 15A Switched Socket
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15A Switched Socket

·         Cover

Innova series integrates quality with elegance and comes with two choices, either metallic or plastic cover.

-          Strong and anti-scratch.

-          Can retain the color for long time.

-          Easy to replace cover on the spot.

·         Switch contact point

Can achieve 40,000 operational cycles using a specially engineered phosphor-Copper-Silver-Nickel alloy. It can well eliminate the electric arcs.

·         Terminals

A new structure was adopted for wire connection that is superior to conventional approach by providing wider area for wiring beside strong connection that does not get loose with time.

·         Socket

Uses the best available quality of (memorizing) copper to retain structure shape. It enables 5000 in-out usages of the plug without deformation.

15A Switched Socket